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The first exhibition – Danas Aleksa “85 litres of water”

2023-05-24 | Last updated: 2023-05-29

28 May – 18 June

The first exhibition from the series “Nemunas7 | Water Elements” – Danas Aleksa “85 litres of water”.

Danas Aleksa, a conceptual artist, member of the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Union, who works with sculpture, object, performance and video art and has held more than 15 solo exhibitions, focuses on the relationship between time and space. Fragments of everyday situations related to a specific place become the leitmotifs of his works. The author does not rely on proposed values, rejects ideologies and searches for reality in grey areas.

“A river in a changing urban environment changes its social role and reflects different ideologies. Meanwhile, the river is outside of the history created by people. My aim is to identify myself with the river, to create distance from the ideologies imposed by the environment.” – says Danas Aleksa, the author of the first exhibition.

Visitors will find in the exhibition elements of glass and water, a deep and dynamic relationship with space, light and reflections. Here the artist acts as a constant observer of the environment, analysing it, disturbing it in various ways and waiting for its response. We invite you to react, rethink and look at the theme of water and sustainability through the eyes of the artist.

Curator of the exhibition series “Nemuno7 | Water Elements” – Andrius Pukis.

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