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Nemuno7 is part of the Kaunas 2022 European Capital of Culture programme.
To ensure that the project reaches a larger, more diverse audience, we are always open to new partnerships. If you are interested in becoming a patron or partner of Nemuno7, get in touch!

Contact for partnerships:

Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022 and partners logos

We are grateful to the various partners – experts in their respective fields – who have contributed to the implementation of the Nemuno7.

Have ideas for collaboration? Let’s talk


State Enterprise Lithuanian Inland Waterways Authority logo

State Enterprise Lithuanian Inland Waterways Authority has been working to preserve and revive the dredger. Their winter harbour is also a refuge for Nemuno7 during the cold season.


Nemuno7 is financed by Kaunas District Municipality

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You are welcome from 18 May 2024


Kaunas 2022
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