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Exhibitions 2024

Exhibition “12 Meetings, 24 Touches”

From 19 of May.

In 2022, the Academy of Arts of Kaunas College of Arts and Education celebrated the 100th anniversary of Kaunas School of Art (KSA). As the Academy of Arts celebrated the 100th anniversary of the CCM, renowned artists and former students, who are respected and appreciated worldwide, returned to their alma mater. Courageous artists who bravely stood up to Soviet terror, bravely spoke out on uncomfortable topics, and resolutely defended their own style and their own approach to life.

The culture-hopper “Nemuno7”, in cooperation with Kaunas College, presents the exhibition “12 Meetings, 24 Touches”, which is directly linked to these unique and renowned creators. The objects of the exhibition “12 Meetings, 24 Touches” are palm prints of the twelve artists, created from luxury Czech optical glass by Sigita Grabliauskaitė, glass artist and lecturer at the Academy of Arts. Twenty-four palm prints – touches – are used to signify the artists’ creative path. In the exhibition, viewers will be able to see the palms of the artists’ hands up close and try to predict the meanings of the marks left by time and work and the stories behind them. These palm prints are like open books of the artists’ lives and work.

You won’t meet all of the artists in the small Nemuno7 gallery, but the accompanying book “12 Meetings, 24 Touches” fills the gap. We invite you to visit and feel the flow of time and creativity.

*** 2023 **********************************************************************

4 August – 30 September, 2023

The third edition of “Nemunas7 | Water Elements” opens this weekend

Welcome to the third group exhibition of “Nemuno7 | Vandens stichijos” entitled “Įsivietinimas”. The exhibition presents photographic and video art works by Svetlana Batura and Mindaugas Arlinskas, lecturers at the Photography Department of the Justinas Vienožinskis Faculty of Arts, and their students, who analyse the theme of the “water element” from different perspectives. Through the theme of water, the artists rethink the confrontations and connections, differences and symbiosis between man and nature.
Participants: Svetlana Batura, Gustina Keturakytė, Austėja Boreišaitė, Lukas Gestautas, Mindaugas Arlinskas.

29 June – 31 July, 2023

Second exhibition of “Nemunas7 | Water Elements” – a team-based interdisciplinary exploration

This extraordinary exhibition fullfilled with a wide range of artworks including sculpture, installation, photography and video art.
The exhibition shows the work of talented artists, each of whom are offering a unique approach to the theme of water. Some of these captivating works have been carefully crafted especially for this unique Culture ship “Nemuno7”, while others are tested by time, appeares in gallery even after decades.
As you move through the exhibition space, you enter a world where water takes on multiple meanings and evokes different emotions. Whether you admire the works created exclusively for this exhibition or rediscover earlier works, each of them offers a unique insight into the artists’ interpretation of the meaning of water.

Artists: Jurga Barilaitė “Storm in a Glass”, Romualdas Rakauskas “Photo Miniatures”, Gediminas Pašvenskas “Amphorae”, Andrius Pukis “Packing”

28 May – 18 June, 2023

The first exhibition from the series “Nemunas7 | Water Elements” – Danas Aleksa “85 litres of water”.

Danas Aleksa, a conceptual artist, member of the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Union, who works with sculpture, object, performance and video art and has held more than 15 solo exhibitions, focuses on the relationship between time and space. Fragments of everyday situations related to a specific place become the leitmotifs of his works. The author does not rely on proposed values, rejects ideologies and searches for reality in grey areas.

“A river in a changing urban environment changes its social role and reflects different ideologies. Meanwhile, the river is outside of the history created by people. My aim is to identify myself with the river, to create distance from the ideologies imposed by the environment.” – says Danas Aleksa, the author of the first exhibition.

Visitors will find in the exhibition elements of glass and water, a deep and dynamic relationship with space, light and reflections. Here the artist acts as a constant observer of the environment, analysing it, disturbing it in various ways and waiting for its response. We invite you to react, rethink and look at the theme of water and sustainability through the eyes of the artist.

Curator of the exhibition series “Nemuno7 | Water Elements” – Andrius Pukis.

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You are welcome from 18 May 2024


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