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Permanent exhibition “To thrive and to flourish”

Curator Emilija Šneiderytė

The dredger Nemuno7 has become a fundamental art object, in which the very beginnings of still-living stories from the past thrive and flourish among the expressive shapes and forms of the ship, while the present-day vision transforming its earlier function invites visitors to participate in a cultural dialogue.

This outdoor exhibition is an inseparable part of that dialogue. The nine works of art arranged across the dredger’s deck are points of departure, inviting exploration of the micro- and macro-environments of the ship, the Nemunas River and the water. In the implementation of this project, a dynamic variety was sought, so Lithuanian artists from various fields were invited. Having acquainted themselves with the context and the themes of the project, they set out on their journey and created one-of-a-kind works specifically adapted for this place.

A portion of the works of art in the exhibition are orientated to the dredger’s micro-environment, the internal structure of this ship, its past, and its initial function is reconsidered. As one walks about the deck, the dredger comes to life again; we invite visitors to get acquainted with the dredger through a range of abstract sounds.

Another portion of the works address the macro-environment, that which surrounds this ship from the outside. The macro-environment is inseparable from water, which is considered in the exhibition from a number of angles.The Nemunas River certainly plays an important role here, not only as a body of water in which the Nemuno7 context thrives and flourishes, but also as the main river of Lithuania, concealing within itself a long history, a broadly multifaceted form, unrecognised but able to amaze with its flora and fauna. Walking about the deck between the dredger’s past and present, it becomes important to consider what the prospects for the water in the future might be. I believe that the impression from the outdoor exhibition “To thrive and to flourish” in each visitor’s consciousness in the perspective of time and in different contexts will change and develop. And that is one of the exhibition’s goals.

Artists: Dovilė Gecaitė, Kipras Dubauskas, Tauras Kensminas, Ieva Kieliauskaitė Mališauskė, Žygimantas Kudirka and Adas Gecevičius, Adomas Palekas, Sigita Simona Paplauskaitė, Irina Peleckienė Julija Pociūtė.


Visiting Visit
Closed till May 2024


Kaunas 2022
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