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The closing of the second season of Nemunas7 – the culmination of an extraordinary musical journey

2023-08-14 | Last updated: 2023-08-14

On 9 September [Saturday] at 19:00, three extraordinary musical groups – Driezhas and Patris, Colours of Bubbles and guests from Greece Mechanimal – will perform on the stage of the Culture ship-dredger “Nemuno7”. Join us for the enchanting 10th and final part of the Nemuno7 concert series “Open Flow”.

First on the list is the intriguing musical duo of ethno-electro master Driezhas [Kristijonas Lučinskas] and sound artist and violinist Patris Židelevičius. The duo, created especially for the Nemuno7 concert, will offer a mix of sharp and harmonious industrial rhythms, a fusion of electro and cello sounds and the limitless musical explorations of the two creators.

The musical journey will continue with the retro-futuristic industrial-punk energy of Mechanimal from Athens, Greece. Their experimental sound, with its unique mix of broken rhythms, industrial sounds and post-punk melodies, will explore the chaos of this era with apocalyptic fervor and humanity.

To close the show we invite Lithuanian rock masters Colours of Bubbles. This Šiauliai-born band can be proud not only because of an impressive discography of 8 albums and audience love, but also extremely sincere and powerful live performances. Their authenticity, style and quality resonate both in cosy underground venues and on big stages, so get ready for a special flow of rhythms and emotions at the closing concert of Nemuno7’s season.

Saying goodbye to this extraordinary season of the culture ship Nemuno7 promises to be a grand finale you won’t want to miss. Get ready to come to Zapyškis on the evening of 9 September.

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An intriguing musical project – the duo of Driezhas and Patris, specially created for the Culture ship-dredger “Nemuno7”.
Kristijonas Lučinskas’ project Driezhas, with its wistful but still strict industrial rhythms, will offer visitors a journey together through the sound spaces of ethno, IDM and cinematic soundscapes. Compositions filled with contrasts and unexpected twists often rely on fluid collaborations with fellow artists. This collaboration in “Driezhas” electroacoustic sound allows listeners both to dance and to enjoy quietly.
This time, Driezhas’ ethno-electro project will merge with the enchanting and mystical improvisations of the cello of sound artist and cellist Patris Židelevičius. Thanks to the duo, the deck of “Nemuno7” will come alive with organic and ambient sounds of the cello fullfilled with pulsating rhythms generated by analogue and digital devices. Invited on a music journey accompanied by a harmonious ethno, electro and cello sounds, visitors will witness a boundless shared musical exploration.

Mechanimal” is a retro-futuristic industrial-punk band from Athens, Greece, whose experimental sound combines broken beats, industrial sounds and post-punk melodies. They convey the chaos of the times with apocalyptic fervor and a surprising humanity. The project founded by producer and songwriter Giannis Papaioannou (synths and percussion), aka ION, and Freddie Faulkenberry (vocals), released their debut album in 2012 on “Inner Ear”. Since then they have released 5 albums and 10 singles, participated in various compilations, remixed Greek and international artists (Τhe Last Drive, Dead Astronauts, Tenderlash, Q-7 Three Times, Meat Injection, Collapse of Dawn). Mechanimal’s musical narrative draws influence from a wide range of genres, with male (and female on the albums) vocals set with mechanical repetitive rhythms, shoegaze guitar drones and pulsating synths. All these elements are forged on a solid industrial base and build up to the band’s characteristic atmosphere, which contains quite well-hidden elements of pop music, post-punk musical style and even more axis of experimental electronics.

Born in Šiauliai, “Colours of Bubbles” is a band from the top of the Lithuanian rock scene, with an impressive discography of 8 albums and repeatedly coming recognition from the audience. Among their notable achievements is the title of Best Rock Band at the 2015 and 2019 MAMA Awards. Known for their authenticity, style and quality, “Colours of Bubbles” leaves a great impression both in cosy underground performances and on grand stages.
The band’s creative life is full of expressive soundtracks for theatre productions, hundreds of live performances including collaborations with a chamber orchestra or choir. The band’s history includes famous rock anthems, continuous growth, exceptional sound quality and brave artistic decisions.

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