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Nemuno7 is open!

It has happened! It was great to see so many of you at the opening of Nemuno7.The start has been given, but the journey is just beginning. Thank you to the whole team that makes this happen:Project author: Gediminas Skrandis ...

Nemuno7 – already in Zapyškis!

As there are only few days left before the opening of Nemuno7, the dredger has finally reached Zapyškis. We look forward to opening the door (footbridge?) to you. On 22 May we invite you to enjoy the audio-visual story from ...

The sound of Nemuno7. Opening night

Donatas Bielkauskas and Kristijonas Lučinskas – a creative duo from Klaipėda Tykumos. On the opening night (22 May, 9.30 pm.) their exclusive piece “Nemuno septyni” will be performed in Zapyškis. The ...
Photo exhibition stands near Zapyškis Old Church
2022-01-25 - 2022-04-15

Photo exhibition about Nemuno7 is open in Zapyškis

In 22 May 2022, Nemuno7, a former dredger transformed into cultural space will be moored in Zapyškis, on the left bank of Nemunas. You can already get acquainted with the past of the dredger by visiting photo exhibition. ...
pioneer plants

Pioneer plants on deck

Pioneers are plant species that are the first to grow on newly formed land. They grow under extreme growing conditions, often in abandoned urban, industrial spaces, or in areas devastated by natural disasters. Through biological ...
Nemuno7 komanda stovi laive

Nemuno7 – what is it about?

First glimpse of what the Water, Dialogue and Sustainability experience at Nemuno7 will be like in the video below. Can’t wait till May, 2022! Video: Giedrius Meškauskas Soundtrack: Tykumos

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